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Weekend? What Weekend? I Don't See No Weekend!
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One of those series of days with no end in sight. Where does one end and the next begin? Right after that nap that I didn't get, because as soon as I lay down, someone knocked on my office door looking to find the cape. Cape? What cape? I don't work for Count Dracula, but it turns out the black and red high-necked satin cape was in our storage closet. How did it get there? Only the universe knows, not I....

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment (gave a test tube or two of blood for someone in the lab to play with), got a flu shot. In the afternoon, donated a pint of blood to the Red Cross. They love us O Negative donors.

Friday. Was there a Friday? I'm not sure. Thursday segue'd into madness before the rising of the sun. We had an employee appreciation event, for which I was drafted to help set up, emcee the Perfect Attendance portion, then drafted again to clean up afterward. Drafted, as in volunteered the Army way....

Returned to my office to do payroll. Because, natch, Friday was payroll cutoff and I had to sign a bunch of stuff (how did I get to be so damned important?), wait for it to be input, then approve it. As if my original signature weren't approval enough....

I thought a 15-minute nap would set me up for the evening, just to lie down on my mat and lax the muscles, relax the back. No sooner had I closed my eyes (aaaah! wonderful!) than the knock came on my office door for the cape. I was as graciously polite as I could muster, though my face is not known for impassivity, nor my tongue for restraint.

Today: get enough done in the way of housework and laundry and errands and meds to get me through the week. Then I have a retirement luncheon in Marina del Rey to attend (not mine, dammit) and in the afternoon/evening a Harvest Celebration, for which I volunteered to do cleanup, way back months ago when I thought the weekend was free and clear. Hah.

And then Sunday I'm Lay Worship Leader (aka Pulpit Host, though that appellation rhymes with Holy Ghost), for which I have to find chalice lighting words at some point (preferably prior to the service itself, not after) and arrive early for set up (lights, sound system, chairs).

Maybe I should just sleep over and save myself driving the round trip.

Of course, the day after will be Monday....

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