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Another Gift
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Much yowling was heard in our land. Amazing vocalization. Not a meow, and not a howl.

Specifically, Artemis (aka Misty) the Huntress, who bagged herself another mouse and was announcing it to the world.

The mice are getting careless. Even though it's spring and everything's growing and glowing green, their tummies are growling, because nothing has ripened yet. It's a lean season for mice and they try to sneak into the garage to score some cat food.

Unfortunately for them, there's a cat waiting.

I deposited the gift in the trash can (she tried to play "keep away" with it) and then rewarded her with nice, yummy cat treats, the kind that have hairball medicine in them. Cheap insurance against hairballs deposited on light beige carpeting (what was I thinking?)

I tried to go back to sleep (this was at oh-dark-thirty), to no avail; all that activity had me up and awake, thinking nice thoughts about the start of vacation today (even though I'll be doing chauffeur duty, it's still a vacation from work and I can wear jeans).

Vacation for a whole week (go in for half day Thursday) and then another to look forward to in late July. Life is good and some treats make up for a whole lot of drudge work.

I'm grateful for so many wonderful things, of which there are many, not the least of which are good friends and good health. And expert mousers.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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