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Medicant Medications Meddling
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but I mumble....

In preparation for our trip, now just a little more than two weeks away, I've been making my SO's medications in two-week supply batches, to see how he does with them and to accustom him to larger batches without three-times-a-day reminders (from me by cell phone) to take them.

He's doing fine remembering to take them on time. Problem is, he takes whichever bottle is easiest to reach (always going for the easiest thing to do), whether it's a.m. pills or p.m. pills he doesn't pay attention.

Morning pills and dinner pills are in different colored bottles (yellow for a.m. and brown for p.m.) and the top has B for breakfast or D for dinner in black magic marker.

Doesn't seem to matter much. Down the hatch they go, double meds or missing meds, so be it.

I had a long talk today and told him that he was on the slippery slope to being committed to a living facility, if it continues. He said that would never happen, he would never agree. I told him that he wouldn't have a choice; he could be declared incompetent because he can't take his medications, dress himself, wash up, do any of the normal maintenance functions.

All anybody has to do is drop in unannounced and there would be no question.

After many heated words, silence decended upon the household. He thought it over and said he would try. I told him "try" wasn't good enough (it's a weasel word for him). More silence. He said he would take his medications at the right time. I accepted that as sufficient commitment. We'll see.

Spent the rest of the evening making up more bottles of meds to make up for the extra ones taken. I hope he can learn to put on his glasses and look before he opens a bottle and pours it down the gullet. All he has to do is pay attention, but that is the one area in which he has been deficient all his life. It's beneath his mighty intellectual mind to read anything so plebian as a bottle label.

Darwin would have words to say.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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