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Monday Morning
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I woke up with an upset stomach and a headache. No, not morning sickness, just feeling under the weather.

Then as I crawled out of bed, pushing aside an importunate cat, I put my feet on the floor preparatory to standing up--and the invisible man inside my head tried to drive a spike into the back of my skull. Not a headache but a Headache.

I struggled into my clothes (thank goodness I set them out the night before), fed the cat (she shut up, finally) and then it dawned on me that I hadn't watered the plants on the front porch (they will shrivel in this heat) nor had I returned the parking lot key to the church keyboard. Groan.

So I watered around the front for a bit, got into the car in the pre-dawn dark, drove to the church and put the key back on the key board. It was still not yet 6 a.m.

As I was pulling out of the church parking lot the low fuel warning light came on. I know from unfortunate prior experience that after that light comes on, I have only 10 miles before the tank is totally empty.

So I stopped for gas. All this before I've even had a sip of coffee. I tell you, if a burglar ever wants entry into my home, all he/she has to do is arrive on my front doorstep with a fresh hot cup of coffee. Anything you want, just gimme the cuppa.

Gassed up, I hit the Starbucks for my morning venti red-eye, then swooped past the post office to mail back the Netflix movies, then finally on to work.

It's not even 7 a.m. I've done all these things and I'm ready to go home and go back to bed. Wait. Maybe I should try wrapping myself around this cup of coffee before making any drastic decisions. Maybe what I have is a coffee deprivation headache...typically, caffeine withdrawal symptoms include headache and feeling cold, both unusual for me.

As I'm writing this, I'm absorbing the nicest cup of coffee available on the planet (because it's mine, all mine) and even as the words appear under my fingers, I'm feeling better and better.

Amazing what a cup of coffee will do for ya. We have a staff meeting today and I think I may even survive it (there's always the question of dying from boredom).

Enough trivia from my neck of the woods. How is your day going?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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