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Glitzy tops. Not the glitter tank top kind of thing--ugh--but tees with a bit of sparkle. Oh, yeah, I like it. Very straight, with just a bit of sidebar to spice it up. Kind of like my personality: I'm very serious about most things, but I do like to make the occasional irreverent comment, just to say, in effect, "It really doesn't matter. In another hundred years, who will know or care?" And, of course, if I see the opportunity for a good pun or a smart comment...well, who am I to resist?

Regarding gas tanks and parking spaces. I used to be a school bus driver and I learned early on that it was better to back into a parking space, for safety. As you approach, you still have the big picture of the parking lot, sidewalk, street, whatever. You park right away, you are in possession of the complete view and not likely to hit anything.

If you pull into a spot and then want to back out, you are looking right, looking left, looking in rearview mirror, there are blind spots, it's only too easy to miss something. Particularly if you are distracted, thinking about your next destination, or trying to see around the head and shoulders of your companion in the passenger seat. See what I mean?

And school bus drivers are mandated to keep at least half a tank (or more) of fuel. No only, as Jim points out, because of the stress on the fuel pump, but also because sediment collects at the bottom of the gas tank and when your carburetor is sipping from the bottom, it is dredging up all that gunk, not good for tender carburetors.

In addition, you should always have at least half a tank of fuel in case of emergencies. Not a good idea to run out of gas on your way to the emergency room or when fleeing a wildfire.

Regarding high fliers who prate on about eco-conscious consumption and taking care of the environment, carbon footprints and cap-and-trade and so on--and themselves fly in private jets from here to there, exercise lavish consumption of everything (including women) and generally show themselves to be hypocrites of the first order: I have little to no tolerance for hypocrisy.

Got my new laptop computer. Haven't touched it yet to set it up. That's a project for tomorrow (wait! no time!) or Thursday....

And--there is no life before coffee, excuse me, starter fluid.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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