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The weather is cold and windy. A typical southern California dry storm. Not likely to be any rain in the foreseeable future, and so our drought drags on. Low tonight is forecast for 35 degrees, so anybody with late tomatoes or late roses with feel the effects.

Everywhere you see people bundled up in winter clothing for perhaps the first time all year. Some light creasing where sweaters and heavy slacks have just been taken off shelves or out of storage. Leaves whipping across the lawn and tarps flapping in the wind make it seem even colder than it is.

Cats are very cuddly and not at all inclined to brave the elements. Callie went out to answer nature's call and came bounding back in the cat door ready for a quick snack and a warm nap and a long winter's sleep.

Southern California weather is fickle, though. It's just as likely to warm up to near summer temperatures in the next few days as not. I remember one year when it was 90 degrees on my birthday. Ugh.

Husband is much better. Lethargy has seized all of us in the household, cats and people alike. Dinner will undoubtedly be leftovers and if it weren't for the need to prepare it for someone else, I'd be happy to forego the evening meal altogether.

Time to check the refrigerator and make plans.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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