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You know how you say, "One of these days, I'm going to...." or perhaps, "Some day, when I have time and opportunity, I'm going to get around to...."?

Well, today I decided not to go to the VA but to take care of business at home instead. Intended to pay my husband's bills and plant the rest of the tomatoes (the original plans), but I did do a lot of those "get around to it" things.

First off, I called the San Antonio Credit Union (TX) and had a very pleasant conversation, doing business with them. Egad, I love doing business with a person who groks the meaning of customer service and who knows what they are doing.

I had the car smog tested (California requires it every two years in order to renew the car's tags), then on the way home I stopped at this place and that, picking up several items and doing quite a few other tasks that I've been meaning to do for some time now, but never a moment to squeeze them in.

Then, parked at a strip mall, I picked up a Subway sandwich (first cousin of a po' boy or grinder) for lunch, a Jamba juice to go with it, settled down for a nice bite to eat and drink, while reading O'Brien's Master and Commander.

It's a great read, very exciting, though I must say I don't understand many of the technical British Navy terms nor the slang or commonplace expressions of the age. It would take away from the pleasure of the fast pace and excitement to sit at a computer and look them all up, so I just interpolate, as if I were in the midst of a conversation in a foreign language (been there, done that), using the words I know and the flow of meaning to figure out the missing bits.

I'll lie down for half an hour or so (midday nap) and then tackle the bills (yuck). The day's only half over, and look at all that's been done already. Really makes me feel good to deal competently with life tasks, rather than flailing around with, wrestling with, things I can't do properly, can't fix, can't manage.

This is a good day, and I'm grateful for it.

Yay! I got the bills paid and the tomatoes planted and I'm off to rehearse my bit for the upcoming talent show. 'Twas a productive day.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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