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Cell Phones and Cancer
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I like my cell phone. I call it my "Freedom Phone" because without it, I'd be jailed up at home, or running from pay phone to pay phone (there aren't any; have you noticed?), trying to stay in contact. Years ago I belonged to a search and rescue team. We all had VHF radios in our homes and in our cars. I grew accustomed then to being in touch 24/7 and I still like the feeling.

That said, I'm aware of the claims that constant cell phone use can cause cancer. I'm also aware of the constant claims that such conerns are just an internet myth.

I'm not a scientist; I don't know.

So when I use my phone (only occasionally), I use it via the speaker phone, having it open (I have an LG that opens to a keyboard) on my desk or in my lap. I seldom talk by putting the phone directly to my ear.

Using the phone via the speaker also keeps me aware of the courtesy aspect--not using the phone when the conversation would bother other people, excusing myself to step outside for privacy, etc. And when I'm in public, I keep it on vibrate, so that other people are not accosted by my ring tone.

I wonder if the "cell phones cause brain cancer" thing really is an urban myth?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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