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Drama at Work
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Condensate line in heating/cooling apparatus was leaking. Was found to be gnawed by a large rodent (probably rat).

Much speculation as to why rats nibble on plastic tubing, electrical wires, wood, etc., since they provide neither water nor food.

No one knew why, so they came to me.

What am I? A walking, talking encyclopedia? Well, actually, I did know the reason. Rodents have two upper and two lower incisors (front teeth) which continue growing throughout their lifetime.

They must gnaw or the teeth grow out of control and they die. I've see pictures of rodents grown in captivity in metal cages with nothing to chew on and the teeth have grown so long they pierced the opposite side. Poor things.

They are, after all, another natural creature and not to be despised. To be kept at arm's length, perhaps, given their propensity to muck about in garbage, but not vilified. Prevented from destroying stored grains and other food, certainly, but not maligned as evil incarnate.

Just another of the universe's inhabitants, following instinct and opportunity, trying to survive. So why the intense fear and disgust reaction? Conditioned response and an opportunity for the drama queens to flaunt it. (I'll leave it to your imgination to define "it").

Feeling snarky. Tired of the same old rut--excuses, problems, righteousness, hysteria, complaints, manipulations. What about compassion, detachment, patience, understanding--just for a change of pace.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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