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I Must Be Seeing Things....
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I must be seeing things. I rub my eyes, to be sure I'm awake. Then I look around one more time, to double check that I'm not in a time/space warp and totally disoriented.

Yes, this is my office. Yes, my desk is neat and organized. Yes, I have a To Do list with just one thing on it, and I'm working on it right now. (This entry is merely a quick break). True, it's a massive project (I'm responsible for close to 500 employees), but the point is...

I can actually see the top of my desk! There are not gazillion loose papers strewn across it, several projects mixed together, small slips with phone numbers, and employees' time cards all in a jumble.

Everything is neatly organized, each topic/project in its own folder, with the name of the task in bold marker on the outside. Yes, it's real; no, I'm not seeing a mirage, an hallucination.

It feels so good to be clean, neat, and organized.

Back to work....

Read/Post Comments (5)

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