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Making Decisions
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Have you ever noticed that some people make decisions easily and for other people making a decision--even a fairly innocuous one--is an agony of "what ifs" and "maybes"?

I belong to the first category. Most factors in my life, personal and work, are familiar to me and I have at hand criteria already developed to apply to the decision and its consequences.

If I am feeling lazy or really not convinced that the issue at hand needs to be addressed, I may put it off. But if there are two things of a similar type leering at me and waggling their fingers--well, then, I will jump in, make a decision, and do it. Whatever it is. I've made two of anything my baseline for decision and action.

My boss, on the other hand, sweats every decision. Will it be the right one? Is it what the upper management has in mind? Will I look good making this decision? (The last question is the most important). In the process, he fluctuates between one solution and another, driving us all crazy.

Then, decision made, if upper management asks a simple question, "How will this interface with that?" off he goes again, undoing the solution and re-addressing every issue in his effort to kiss up to every possible authority figure, and to a couple of them in particular. It trickles down to those of us who have to scrap the whole project and do it all over again, making him look good.

As I said, driving us all crazy.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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