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Whatever's Old is New Again
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I've been going through old files and culling extraneous stuff. Most of it is useless/outdated/uninteresting. I mean, who cares about absence slips from 5 year ago. Really. Don't know why I was keeping them.

However, mixed in with the dross I've found a gem or two or three. One is a little item on destructive bosses and supervisors.

I'm sure you'll recognize somebody here:

  • Invades the privacy of others (snoops, plays loud music, talks on speaker phone, etc.).

  • Has secrets to protect and personal agenda.

  • Is changeable and unpredictable.

  • Has bad manners, is inconsiderate.

  • Is a control freak.

  • Is highly competitive.

  • Hates others' ideas (because not his).

  • Is a credit-snatcher.

  • Plays the blame game--anything goes wrong, it's always someone else's fault.

  • These folks abuse their power of their position to line their own pockets and meet personal emotional needs. They exploit others ruthlessly.

    The effect? Independent-minded, fair, and creative workers lose out to those coworkers who are compliant and worshipful (yes-men). Employees with the courage of their convictions and the ability to express their opinions are vilified as traitors and ostracized, while their contributions are co-opted without conscience.

    No wonder there is such a shortage of creativity, independence and fairness, compassion and ethical standards.

    The date of this clipping: 1993

    Read/Post Comments (1)

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