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End of Day and end of week. It was an eventful day and when it came up 3 p.m. and I hadn't taken a break since 7 a.m., decided it was time for lunch. Or at the very least a snack and a stretch break.

Today was the last day in this office for two of the three most loquacious employees. Why is it that the ones with logorrhea also seem to have the loudest voices? Must be some kind of survival mechanism. Everyone shoves food at them just to get them to shut the "f" up, even if only for a few minutes.

On the home front, N is lobbying hard to come home. Doctor is wavering, given N's insistence that he wants to go home (hubby has powerful personality and can be quite overwhelming). The ECT treatments seem to have erased his short term memory (while leaving the deep long term ones in place) and he has forgotten how sick he was, how disabled. I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to read him the journal that the nurse and I kept, and play back the voicemail he left for me.

Worse comes to worst, he moves in, I move out. If he is convinced that he is capable of taking care of himself, then let him do so. Tough love is going to be tough on us both, but he has to see the reality of the elephant in the room, one way or another.

And I thought the plan for nursing home was a done deal....

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