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Weather Prediction: Back to School
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Looked at the weather predicted for today and tomorrow--ho, hum, same old, same old--highs in the mid 80's.

And then I clicked on the extended forecast. Triple digits predicted for Monday, around 105, just in time for the start of school (high school).

I feel so sorry for those students riding school buses (and their drivers). They (the buses) turn into big yellow ovens, riding the freeways at a crawl during afternoon rush hour. An experience one is not likely to forget.

Drivers turn a blind eye to the students drinking from water bottles, wiping faces and arms with wet paper towels. So long as the bottles don't fall on the floor and roll to the front of the bus...what bottle of water? I didn't see nobody drinking no water.

New buses have A/C, but given the current state of the economy of California in general, and Los Angeles in particular, I imagine it will be a long time before the aging school bus fleet is replaced (even though replacement has been mandated, but not funded, by the legislature). Meanwhile, it's roast and toast.

So...an early start to the school year is supposed to enhance students' educational experience how?

One woman I spoke to at Trader Joe's this morning said that her son goes to Taft SH. I said, "You know school starts Monday, don't you?"

She said, surprised, "No I didn't and I haven't received any kind of notification." The students who ride school buses all received letters in the mail; I wonder about local students who walk to school.

Oh, well. I'm sure word will get around.

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