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Celestial Thoughts
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The autumn equinox and the turning of the seasons.

A full moon.

Jupiter's closest approach to Earth in heaven-knows-how many years. It's visible close to the moon.

And this morning it was down to 44 degrees. Chilly enough for long sleeves. The Wondrous Weather Website says that the high today will be 85. I have my doubts.

Work has consumed my days this last week and a half. It's funny how things fall apart in sequence, almost like a cascade of unintended consequences.

There is one looming issue that needs to be addressed by my manager before it turns into a big hairy political sasquatch, but every time I bring it up, he just asks me if I've spoken to the supervisor. Or have I visited the site myself--in essence, turning it back to us. So we can be blamed when it goes down the toilet, I suppose.

Well, it won't be the first time for the blame game and I'm not particularly exercised over it. C'est la vie.

What does get my fur ruffled is that this is a problem we can foresee and take care of, if only my manager would step up to the plate.

They should have required training classes for people who want to be managers on what it means to manage people, resources, problems, equipment, etc.

And we really shouldn't promote people to manager level positions who buy their degrees online or take once a week night classes for a degree, that being their only education. The ignorance shows up in the inablility to allocate resources, understand complex problems, and confusion as to priorities.

Maybe it's just the full moon.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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