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Emulating the Boss
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My manager and I have mirror image offices, one on either side of the secretary/data input area.

His office preference is to close his blinds (which would open onto the common office arena and through which we can see him at work) and keep the lights off with the door closed.

Very unwelcoming. I always have had the lights on, blinds open, door flush against the wall. I also have, therefore, a regular view of the whole office and an earful of everything spewed out by unthinking motor mouths, office tiffs, phone conversations on speaker phones, and so forth. Not to mention people walking in from outside asking me questions, thinking that I'm the secretary.

I have struggled for a long time with the need to concentrate on my work in opposition to my coworkers' tendency to party at the least excuse.

So I thought I would try emulating my manager. I turned off my lights, closed the blinds, shut the door.

Aaaaah! Blessed peace and quiet. Much cooler in here, now. It's supposed to hit 107 degrees by Monday (97 today). Although I'm in direct violation of our open door policy, I might add. I'm waiting for him to order me to stop. Let's see if he has the nerve. Or the hypocrisy.

I might actually get some work done on the report due at noon.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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