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It's Saturday Again
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Before I left to get my weekly supplies at Trader Joe's, I set my computer up for deep virus scan. Upon my return, I see that so far Macafee has found 91 tracking cookies. Yipes!

When I woke up it was about 60 degrees, nice and cool, so I emailed the cats off the bed (so I could get up), put on shorts and tank top and went out to water the outside plants. The back yard is practically dead. Guess I'll have to call the Sprinkler Doctor and find out why it's not being watered properly.

I watered it with the hose. The cats were not amused.

According to WeatherBug, the temps are supposed to top out at 103 today. Sounds like southern California is going to be running a fever. Speaking of fever, everyone at work is sick except my boss and me. I had something a month or so ago, so I'm hoping the immune system is still revved up enough to fight this one off.

Home from TJ's, put away groceries, divided up the stuff for lunches into portions, ready for next week. Grab and go. I like having it all set up, so I don't have to plan or organize at oh-dark-hundred, just select a lunch, pick a breakfast (ounce of cheese, 1/4 cup mixed nuts, small piece of candied ginger), one 6 oz. portion of juice, and I'm ready for the day.

Same way with setting out clothes at night for the next day. No decisions in the morning; just wear what's hanging there.

Guess it's time to close up the house (to keep the hot air out) and water the indoor plants.

After lunch I'm going to the VA. It would be so nice to be able to punch in my destination, then just sit back and read or nap while the smart car took me there!

Would you trust the technology or would you keep your eyes on the road, just in case?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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