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Hot! Hot!! HOT!!!
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-->102 Fahrenheit, humidity 18%, and the temperature's rising. We're having a heat wave. Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't bother telling me, "Well, at least it's a dry heat." 103 now just as I finished typing this last sentence. It's as though a threshhold were crossed and the usual limits have been blown away, don't apply. It's a physical insult simply stepping outside.

It never got this hot in the two years I lived in a south Indian village, when right before the monsoon, it feels as though the dark, clouded sky is pressing down on the earth with all its weight. Here there isn't a cloud in the sky; the sun is merciless.

We won't have a monsoon to break the heat and wash the dust away. It will just ease off gradually until 95 starts feeling cool by contrast. I hate this weather.

Indoors is the only place to be, taking the occasional shower and standing, wet, under the fan. I'd go find OPAC, but that would mean getting into my car, which sits in the direct sunlight....

No, between the fan and the shower, I'm cool enough.

20 minutes later, it's 105

Read/Post Comments (4)

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