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On the First Day of Vacation (Furlough)...
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Well, it's wet, with a high of 58 (already achieved), dampness turning to rain, backing off to drizzle, down to wet, and then cycling through again. The cats, of course, disdain any sort of outdoor sortie when the weather's wet, so I have plenty of company indoors.

Dental work at 8 a.m.--crown put on--then off to get breakfast sandwich and Starbuck's venti red-eye (since I was out and about anyway). Rain or no rain, I.must.have.coffee. Breakfast optional.

Home is damp and cool. I may run the heater for 15 minutes or so, just to dry things up a bit and see if the thing still works after the summer's hiatus. Also, this is a good opportunity to walk around the upstairs and check for roof leaks. Looking for what I hope not to find.

I have a list of errands to run and tasks to do, but there's a book with a bookmark at the 20th chapter, just calling for me to finish. Decisions, decisions.
I woke up thinking about strategies to pursue at work to accomplish a couple of partially completed projects. It's tempting to work on them, but today is an unpaid day off. I'll be darned if I'll work for free.

Once the skull work has been done (just as I was waking up), the actualization is a snap. People see me accomplish things in a flash, never realizing that quite a bit of work -- three dimensional visualizing -- and prioritizing -- has gone on in my head, long before putting words into computer document or numbers into spreadsheet. My husband accuses me of being impulsive and shooting from the hip.

He, like most other people, lacks the insight to perceive that I've thought it through, laid the groundwork and prioritized, so the only part he sees is the action part. Partly this is because he talks everything through, to anybody who will slow down long enough to listen. Then, once he's done that, he feels that everything has been accomplished--but the action that makes it happen in the real world never occurs. How different we are!
Stay dry, my friends. The weather will change in the blink of an eye.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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