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Thursday Vacation
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In the morning I finished the book and the whole pot of coffee. Zing!

The afternoon was used up visiting N and then stopping at the Verizon store to upgrade our account. He used up an incredible number of minutes last month, doubling the bill. It's cheaper to increase the minutes. If he forgets to end the call...I guess the minutes go on and on until it times out?

Glad I stopped in the store to upgrade the account in person. As I usually do with anybody nearby who will respond, I struck up a friendly conversation with the sales rep, and found out that my employer has an agreement with Verizon whereby employees can get a 20% discount on their bill.

However...the catch...N is the primary account holder. So I will have to sit with him and coach him through the process of switching primaries, because he doesn't qualify for the discount, but I do. He was confused by the concept when I first explained it to him, but by the next time I visit, he will probably have wrapped himself around it.

Parkinson's really slows down the absorption of new ideas, switching tasks, etc. From my experience, it tends to make the PD patient limited to the usual response, unable to switch mental gears, resistant to change of any sort (more so than for a normal person)--hence the compulsive fixation on a task or idea. So anything new needs to be introduced gradually and repeated several times. O Universe, give me the patience to work with him and I want it NOW.

I'm tired after all the running around, so a nice quiet evening will be just the ticket. Overcast skies and cool temps make me want to bundle up under the afghan and read a good book. Currently reading The All Nations Team by Mike Jasper. Definitely recommended, even if you're not a fan of baseball. Only $2.99 in the Kindle store.

OK, next item: what's for dinner?

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