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Bits and Pieces
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What do you think of the new color scheme? Reminds me of pumpkin pie. My grandmother always called me "Punkin" and other old-fashioned endearments. Better than "Cutie" and "Sweetie-Pie" definitely.

Boss spends a lot of time behind closed door, shuttered window, talking with favorite employee who received layoff notice. A good thing, in a way--I can work uninterrupted. And an annoyance, too, since there are things we need to offer/decide upon as a team. I still can't make decisions without conferencing with him, as his policies are a mystery (he's very secretive). So good thing and bad thing.

Heard from a previous employee this morning, one who has managed to escape the axe so far. We email back and forth, but seldom call. She asked about information that would come from my department for a prospective contract and it was a pleasure to work with her again. Plus, she knows all the right questions to ask, and I don't have to explain everything the way I do with an outsider. Nice person; I wish her well, religious beliefs and all.

It's been a really busy morning. The recent requests and problems have been quite unusual and keep me on my toes. One supervisor wants to know about furlough days for Thanksgiving week. Another person complains about the person she is working next to. (I bit my tongue, when what I wanted to say was "Be glad you've got a job.") Did my best to mediate--neighboring cubicle is a filthy mess, but you can't just say that flat out. Wish I could.

Another employee: "I don't know what's going on. I don't read the memos. Ha Ha."

Someone else wanted to know if she could distribute tangerines to the employees who work on the floor below us. (Okaaaayy....) making me wonder why she asked in the first place. Sergei had a bad reaction to his blood pressure medication and had to go home. I found a ride for him.

And while Thanksgiving week is shaping up to be furloughs all around, a small group of employees (in another location) has been granted an exception and will work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. For what reason, I don't know, since clients have been told we'll be closed that week. I imagine the unions will have something to say about that.

Really, I'd like to get back to my core responsibilities and skills. I didn't want to be a manager, and it's driving me nuts. Everybody wants special treatment, is entitled, it seems, to be the center of the universe.

When it should be obvious the Center is I.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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