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Do you ever have a day when you just plain feel cranky? When everything rubs your fur the wrong way? Even your clothes irritate the back of your neck?

Too many people standing outside my office door, blathering about nothing ad nauseum.

Office clerk too oblivious to notice fax machine out of paper.

Copy machine on the fritz.

Loud mouth narcissist (who got transferred downtown) is back. Does not speak; bellows.

Volunteer worker arrives unheralded by any communication from the sending agency or my manager. What am I supposed to do with this person?

Service personnel giving me back a complaint that is the kind that they must resolve, not I. I don't have the approving authority (nor do I want it).

Stupid computer needs to be defrag'd. It runs (hah! crawls is more like it) like molasses in January.

My coffee is cold.

My boss and the one above him couldn't make a difficult decision if their lives depended on it (until they determine whom to blame if it all goes south)--it's all about looking good, not what's the right thing to do.

My car has developed a bunch of worrisome sounds. When I start it up, it sounds like a jet engine on full thrust. Smooths out somewhat after about 20 minutes of driving, but I suspect some evil afoot (or atire).

My desk is thumb-deep in papers and reports and requests and complaints and notes to myself.

grumble, complain, bitch, moan, snarl.

There! I feel better. Nothing like a couple of minutes of self-pity to set things to rights--because, of course, all of this is minor and in the grand scheme of things, matters not a whit.


Read/Post Comments (7)

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