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He Doesn't Get It
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After the election, President Obama said that Democrats and Republicans need to find common ground and work together. I was disappointed by his statement.

I suppose he's right, philosophically. That would be best for the country, if both sides were willing.

But he doesn't get it. Republicans, especially the Tea Bag flavor, have been gaining power through oppositional defiant disorder (an identified psychopathic type), and destructive though it be, they will continue going down that path.

Talk about finding "common ground" is pie-in-the-sky. Even when issues arise where everyone has a common interest and purpose, these radicals will oppose whatever the current administration will try to do, just for the power of media attention and ambient rage. The power of emotion versus the analysis of intellect.

He just doesn't get it. There will be no common effort for anything, and I believe that as a result, the whole country will suffer. He needs to change tactics--though maybe it's too late.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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