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Tired of Apologizing
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I'm the pivot person between managers, administrators, supervisors, customers, and the public. It makes for a challenging, multi-dimensional day.

It can also make for intense frustration when customers demand the impossible or for when other employees don't do their jobs.

Like this morning. I've had three phone calls, all three involving situations in which my company was in the wrong and the customer was right.

And my boss is at a ribbon-cutting ceremony, for a new facility being dedicated. All the right people will be there, so he must be seen on the scene. Much more important than taking care of core responsibilities is the desire to look good.

I get so tired of apologizing for other people's mess ups. I'd love to send the call to the appropriate office, but supervisors specialize in "busy" phone lines--or just don't answer at all--or the cell phone messages are full--and other offices have "don't call us" policies enforced by our management pyramid.

So they call me and I apologize on behalf of others, and clean up behind them. Tired of doing it.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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