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The young man who lives next door to me is having another crazy episode and I'm scared. I'm going to sleep downstairs on the couch so I can hear him if he tries to get in.

A week or so ago he was hospitalized involuntarily, but they can only hold someone for 72 hours and have to release him if he does not seem to be a danger to himself or others.

So he's back home. He was OK for a few days, but when I got home this evening, he was emptying his house into the street and giving everything away. He showed me a picture of Jesus Christ (which does resemble him, unfortunately) and he said, "That's me."

He thinks everything artificial is evil, causing cancer, he's spouting all this weird pseudo-christian stuff, and I'm afraid of him. His sister (who lives in New Jersey) is trying to get him some psychological help.

But meantime I have all the lights turned off, the car parked around the corner where he won't be tempted to vandalize it the way he vandalized his own, and I'm going to sleep on the couch in the living room where I can hear if he tries to get in the house or set it on fire or something. I'm hoping to keep a low profile, not draw his attention.

I may be overreacting, and I may not. Remember, I was raised by a paranoid schizophrenic. I know what can happen during a psychotic break, how much violence and damage and death can result.

His father (who lives in Brazil) called the police here, and gave them my phone number as contact, so they came to my door. I hope he doesn't think I called them. They wouldn't do anything, since he didn't seem, at the time, to be a danger to himself or anyone else. It isn't against the law to trash your own house.

I thought about leaving for the night, but I'd have to come home eventually--and anyway, my cell phone needs charging and the cats need someone to protect them.

Misty just brought me a mouse to comfort me. Wasn't that sweet?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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