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It's a Beautiful Veterans Day
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It's sunny and cold and windy. All is quiet on the home front. I was bothered last night only by the loud purr of the little Mysterious Mystified cat, who LOVES it when I sleep or nap on the couch. If she had her way, that would be my permanent bed.

Next door neighbor filled up his trash cans and mine. I put them out for him empty; I want him to perceive me as a friend, not an enemy, so I said he could use them.

Word has spread and the trash vultures are already stopping by to see what they can scavenge. May not be much left for the regular trash pickup.

Many phone calls to Brazil and New Jersey. My cell phone bill is going to be astronomical. Oh, well, it's in a good cause. He was quiet all evening and no sign of him this morning. Yet.

I thought I was going to spend a pleasant, relaxed 4-day weekend; now it looks like I'm going to be on high alert. His father isn't flying in from Brazil until the middle of next week. Drat.

Time to go retrieve my car. And take something for the pounding headache (a little man with a chisel is in my skull, trying to get out). Later....

p.s. thanks for all your positive encouraging funny comments

Read/Post Comments (5)

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