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A Different Friday
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I promised a client I would follow up on her complaint. So, in spite of the fact that I had put in for a vacation day today, I found myself standing out in the wind and the dark this morning before dawn, feeling mighty virtuous. And mighty cold. The wind just strips away all body warmth mercilessly.

Mission accomplished, I decided to head into the office. It is located between the place of contact with the customer and my home, and I figured I could listen to Handel's "Water Music", sip my coffee, and relax away from my bizarre neighbor. I feel safe here and I'm earning brownie points.

As I was leaving my home in the pre-dawn dark, a patrol car oozed by, checking out the house next door. It was good to see them and I waved hello, then got in my car and drove away. I'm glad they're keeping an eye on him.

What a shame. After throwing out an extensive collection of classical music CDs, he gave away beautiful solid wood furniture, bed, clothing, lamps, paintings. Everything. The vultures swarmed, taking advantage of a sick man. He is stripping the house to the walls. He says he wants to live "naturally", which I guess means like a squatter.

His next plan is to have men come in with jackhammers and break up the swimming pool and patio, cart away the cement (there's a huge rollaway in front of his house), and fill in the hole with dirt. He said he wants to plant grass. Which is itself weird, since a few months ago he tore out the grass in the front lawn and covered it with pinkish gray gravel.

And you wonder why I'm nervous. In his manic phase he thinks he's Jesus Christ. Does anybody know how long that phase will probably last? What happens when he crashes? How does he ideate himself then?

Living in interesting times.

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