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Phone Calls
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I'm getting unusual and unexpected phone calls.

The landline, which I hardly ever use, has had a couple of what I guess are prank calls. One with silence on the other end, the other with ethereal gongs and music. I suspect my next door neighbor.

I will stop answering my landline. I had pretty much given up on it during the campaign blitz earlier, and these call just reinforce my decision. One thing I like about my cell phone is that the numbers are displayed (unless deliberately blocked).

And N called this morning at 6:30, just as I was getting out of my car, balancing notebooks and briefcase and coffee, trying to find my key to the outer door of the building where I work. He never calls that early and I was taken by surprise.

He wants a belt and a back scratcher. Like I'm going to drive all the way home to get him a belt. I guess his pants are falling down because he's lost so much weight. I guess I could stop at a 99 cent store and see if they have a cheap belt...I have so much extra time on my hands, you know.

Then two more odd calls--customers complaining about early delivery scheduled for today Tuesday. Tuesdays are often subject to early schedules, and have been for years. I'm sorry if they don't like it, but I'm an implementer, not a decider.

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