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The paragraph below is from today's New York Times:
President Obama's pursuit of a treaty with Russia appeared to [have] come undone as the chief Senate Republican negotiator moved to block a vote.

Again, the GOP looks to stymie the President at every turn, the purpose being to see him fail, to unseat him early, if possible. It doesn't matter what he proposes, even if it's something the conservatives backed just a few years ago, they're against it. Because they've declared war on this President personally, in spite of the harm to the country, to the world.

I'd love to see the President fight back, do an end run around the politicos and appeal directly to the American people, using the soaring rhetoric he displayed during the campaign two years ago, using the power of the media which is his to command.

I'd love him to say some memorable things that we can hold fast to, the way FDR gave us "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" during one of his fireside radio talks.

I think President Obama is making a big mistake to continue to try to work within the system, given that the Republican are framing the fight to suit themselves, corrupting the very system itself. He needs to take charge and go over their heads directly to us, the people of these United States.

The only thing I get from the Democratic infrastructure via email is one request after another for donations. I'm done with that. I want my President back!

Read/Post Comments (2)

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