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D. C.
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Drat that Cat! She made me late for work today. She didn't show up for breakfast (she always comes in for breakfast) and when I called for her, the only visitor was the next door neighbor cat.

So I started looking, high and low. In closets, under the bed, in the cupboards under the sink, in the linen closet, everywhere I could think of. I even went out to the garage, in the freezing cold, barefoot, clad only in cutoffs and tee. Nope, no cat.

funny pictures - Cats usually relax in obscure unfindable spaces

It finally got late enough that I had to get ready for work, catastrophe or no. I came back indoors, started up the stairs to the bedroom, and there she was, sashaying down the stairs, all unconcerned. And hungry.

D.C.! So, where was she? She was warm, so she hadn't been outside. I need to find her hidey spot, so I can find her if she's sick or hurt. But for today, I'm ready to strangle her.

My dog never pulled the disappearing act (we were velcroed at the hip), not even the morning she died. She lay across the threshhold, where she slept as usual, and stopped breathing. We heard the death rattle, and we knew she was gone.

I love my D.C., but I really, really, miss my dog.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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