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New Arrangements
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Got a housemate. She's the daughter of a longtime UU friend of mine, recently moved from Oregon to Southern California. She used to manage a bed and breakfast, so she will be a great help in the areas in which I need the most assistance.

The arrangement is that she does not need to pay rent, at least for now (she's looking for a job meanwhile). Her contribution is in the area of repair and cleanup. I have a stack of empty boxes to store N's stuff, but I haven't had time to sort and pack it up.

One inducement is that the more she sorts for the trash -- or packs in boxes for storage, the more closet space she will have for her own use.

I can't be home to supervise repair persons unless I "burn" a vacation day, so that is another area where she can help me: call and arrange for repairs for stuff she can't fix herself. Lots of things that have waited for repairs for a long time will now receive attention.

I told her that for now, I don't need the money (rent) so much as I need the help. N was/is a hoarder, collecting stuff faster than it could be put away, refusing to throw anything out. And I mean *anything*.

Each week I've filled up the trash bin and the recycle bin, so little by little I've made progress (mostly in the garage), but with her help there can be a much bigger impact.

It will also feel good to have someone else in the house, particularly someone organized and intelligent. I crave order and cleanliness in my home, not the acquisition of more mess than I can make headway against. Now steps have been taken in that direction.

Life is good.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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