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Whole Lotta Suff Goin' On
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Let's see--my new roommate and I are tearing the house apart, moving out N's stuff to his other house, moving furniture, tearing up carpet to replace with parquet flooring, painting the walls. Not in that order, of course. Painting first, then flooring.

Contacting Elder Law Attorneys for advice on protecting assets and income, how to apply for MediCal, etc. Initial consultations only; not going to make any commitments until after first meeting, say the first week of March or so (thanks, KW!).

Have names from a trusted friend for therapist sessions for me, but haven't had the emotional/psychological energy to initiate that contact yet.

The garbage disposal stopped working (can you say "yuck"?) and will ask housemate to call and arrange for repair. It's new and under warranty, so should only be charged for house call (as if one could remove said disposal and take it to repair shop!).

Copied documents related to IRA and Required Minimum Distribution thereof for N to do whatever he is talking about. Sometimes his thinking is so disordered, I can't follow it (no, it's not my lack of intelligence here), and the account is solely in his name, so he will have to deal with it. Just as well. I seriously dislike working with financial institutions or bureaucracies myself.

And then of course I have to visit him twice weekly, either using my lunch hour (no rest for me) or after work (making a really long day in rush hour traffic out of Westwood). He needs the company and the reassurance that he is not abandoned, so I do it, though I most sincerely wish I didn't have to.

OTOH, it beats the pants off of having him at home.

So, life is great if you don't weaken.

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