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[Even though one does not possess a rumen, is one able to ruminate, even so? When chewing a cud, a bovine does have a meditative look in the eyes. Or maybe it's just sleepiness.]

It's the most amazing experience, living with somebody who is organized and clean. I've lived with someone else most of my life and that other person has always been disorganized and sloppy. Downright slovenly, even.

I don't possess the organization gene myself and I am always in awe of those who do. My new roommate opens a cupboard, spends 15 minutes moving this and that, and presto change-o, it's arranged by category, labels front and center.

I can do it, but it's heavy going for me. I have to unload everything, move it around on the counter (or the floor) until the categories look right, then put it all back one at a time. For her, no such effort. Just whisk, whisk, and it's done. How does she do it?! It's a mystery.

No sense in trying to emulate her; it's all I can do to follow humbly behind and put back in their proper places the things I remove for cooking, etc. My part of the house (upstairs) looks more and more untidy by comparison, and when I have some time off (retirement?), I'm going to do a major job of it.

(Right now the house is mess, because of the preparations for painting, floor refinishing, etc., but those are temporary disarrangements. It will look great when it's finished.)

The Universe sent me a companion to balance the areas in which I am weak; and I complement her, too. She is noticeably lacking in common sense and takes my suggestions gracefully, as I take hers.

Questions ("Would it be better if..." or "What shall we do about this?") facilitate the interface. Then it's easy to come to an understanding, since we've both been quite honest about the areas in which we need backup.

Maybe I can learn from her how it's done. I can easily maintain a clean, organized environment. I'd like to learn how to create one. She does it in her head and then follows up with her hands? I'll keep watching and learning.

Thank you, Universe. Thank you, Barbara.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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