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To Do
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In addition to doing an 8-hour job, let's see what's on the agenda:

Get keys to other house and gate from N for Ivan.

Buy cheesecake brownies for N. Remember to give them to him.

Tuesday meet with N and his social worker at VA. Ask about medical form supposedly not submitted.

Remind N to call regarding IRA.

Go to other house, measure for appliances for other house, then call Ivan with measurements.

While at other house, put new names on mailbox, call mail delivery person to let her know.

Forgot to bring clips to attach names to mailbox--return to house after work to clip them on permanently.

Call income tax preparer for appointment.

Arrange to take 1/2 vacation day Friday so can drive to VA, get N, take him to meet with Ivan, then return him to VA, then drive home (80 miles, $25 in gas). BRING LAPTOP.

Deposit check (which can be postponed till next week if necessary).

Pay bills via snail mail.

It helps me to list everything I need to do. Having each item listed like this helps me not to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by stress. Also helps me not to forget anything. And, a surprising side benefit, not to procrastinate too much.

I think making such a list commits me to action, while keeping it manageable.

Now, how do I fit in 8 hours' sleep?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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