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Yessiree Bob, it rained last night. Rather enthusiastically, I might add. And today is looking like a brief dry break between storm cells marching across the Los Angeles area.

This is very unusual for March. Normal pattern is for rain to be over by February, March clear and breezy. But as we all have seen in the news lately, different is the new normal.

We who live on the San Andreas earthquake fault used to joke about owning beachfront property some day. We're not laughing now, after seeing the pictures of devastation in Japan. There, but for the grace of the Universe, go we.

[If you read my journal, you have to be prepared for weird twists of language. This is the only place where I can indulge my love of words and grammar.]

My husband and his brother are selling property they own in Sun City. Our half can be used to help pay for the roof repair of this house, my husband said. If he remembers his promise, and follows through on it, that will be a big relief financially. If not, oh well.

I don't count on anything until I see it in black and white, or gold, or green and fold-y. My husband is a great one for building castles in the air. We used to play the game whereby we'd dream up a scenario, he'd promise the world to me, and then it wouldn't happen. I'd be devastated.

Now I've learned my lesson and refuse to listen to his pipe dreams; I've learned not to count my chickens until they hatch.

If things turn out well, I'm delighted and grateful; if the promise doesn't happen, I'm no worse off than before. Is this too negative? Should I build airy castles and dream dreams and get my hopes up? But it's so hard to accept the disappointment. Better to remain detached and accept what is, what becomes, than to ride the emotional rollercoaster.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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