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A Discovery
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While cleaning out my garage yesterday, I found the boxes of records kept from the time I filed a suit against my employer for gender discrimination in promotion.

One of the documents I found was the deposition given my boss, my manager at the time, AB. In her deposition she declared that I had no people skills, that I was "unpromotable", and that she had so informed upper management. My being passed over twice, though I was at the top rank on one list and in the first three ranks on the other, had nothing to do with discrimination, according to her.

I had a professional expert analyze all promotions in our division for employees above supervisory level for the previous 5 years, and he found a 94% probability that gender discrimination had occurred, but no matter. His finding was ignored.

I had always suspected that it was she personally who blocked my promotion, and yesterday I came upon proof that she had done so, in a deposition of her own words. She was a woman with flair and wit and drive and was much admired by staff and management. Of course they listened to her.

And, to be truthful, I was (and am) indeed given to speaking my mind and saying that the Emperor has no clothes, when he's running around mother-naked. Worse, I was not willing to kiss up to her, flatter her, admire her, be like her. And maybe it *is* true that I have no people skills. I have always admired Batty, and wished I could learn her gentle, rational ways.

AB, all unknowing, did me a huge favor, though. I would have been miserable as a manager. Oh, I'm sure I could have done the job, but I seriously dislike flattering higher ups, lying to hide mismanagement, and abusing employees to make myself look good. In those areas I am deeply deficient--nor am I at all willing to use sex appeal to manipulate male overlords.

I love the job I was restricted to, and now, on the far side of my career, I can see that it was the best possible position for me. Perfect, in fact, and a blessing in disguise that I was not promoted to manager.

The suit, by the way, was dismissed on a mandamus technicality. My employer waited one day beyond the statute of limitations before responding, while I was waiting patiently, stupidly expecting justice to be done, instead of filing a writ of mandamus. When I took it up to the next level, it was too late for redress, and was ultimately dismissed.

So except for enormous unnecessary expense, it all worked out for the best. She has to live with her conscience, and I have a job I love.

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