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Interesting and Busy Times
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Yesterday (Sunday) late afternoon my housemate came home to say that a friend of hers was stranded in Palm Desert (with his single engine airplane parked at Barstow or somewhere like that). He asked her to pick him up and drive him to his wings so he could get home.

Problem is, she doesn't have a car. So she asked me to take her to the airport to rent a car, because all the satellite offices for the car rental places are strictly Monday to Friday business hours. She doesn't have a credit card, so I had to sign for the rental car.

I wasn't wildly enthusiastic about that part, but I trust that she will get back safe and sound. Her friend will pay for the car rental and insurance, according to her. If I get stuck for it, then that will be the last favor of that type I do for her. I'm predisposed to being trusting, but not to being stupid. [Or am I being an enabler once again? I'm never sure.]

So I grabbed my wallet and keys, glasses and cellphone (the usual accoutrements) and off we went, 15 miles or so.

Returned home about 6:30 and was getting my stuff ready for work on Monday and remembered that I have a kitchen with no window and no way to secure the house, and with her absent, I would have to leave the house unoccupied and no one to admit the workmen.

Oh. So I'm taking today off on personal necessity. It will be a nice break with good weather, though the wondrous weather website (as Daniel calls it) predicts a wind storm. Typical Southern California weather pattern if so. (Can roofers can work in the wind?)

Hope the city inspector comes by today and signs off on the decking so that the roof workers can get on with the job (weather permitting). Living in a construction site gets old quickly. Though I am grateful for a roof over my head, I'd like it to be a rainproof roof, thankyouverymuch.

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