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You know the old saying about things happening in 3's?

Do you suppose it might have some basis in fact?

1. The Roof--It's being shingled now, having had the decking inspected and approved. The workmen are racing another storm, which is due to arrive tonight. They plan to work (bang, bang, thump, drag) as long as it's light enough to see. Their air compressor adds its under drone to the whole proceedings. They've turned off the salsa music and are working grimly, steadily, unspeaking.

2. The Floors Downstairs--They were sanded today. There is dust everywhere, often in places you would not believe there could ever be dust. The corners still have to be sanded by hand. The cats are locked up in this room with me, lest they paddy-paw across raw wood and leave tracks which wouldn't show up until the finish was applied.

The cats are used to the run of the house and access to the great outdoors. They are not happy, even with food and water and litter box. OK, they're happy right now, because I'm keeping them company, but tonight I will need ear plugs when they vocalize their displeasure.

My housemate's bed is one of the pieces of furniture taken outside while the floors are being finished, so she will sleep out there. I most sincerely hope it doesn't rain. I'm going to leave the car unlocked for her, just in case.

3. Escrow--My husband and brother-in-law have sold their mother's house. Tomorrow we are all supposed to meet to sign papers and get them notarized. I know it's not a good time for signing stuff, but I had no say in the scheduling of it. What do you want to bet escrow falls through and they have to do it all over again.

So we'll see how everything turns out. By this time next week, I'm hoping, expecting some semblance of sanity to return. But you know the saying: If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Time to get some dinner and a treat for the cats.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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