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Roof Ready
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I just talked to my house mate, B, who said that the roofers were done, they had cleaned up their mess, packed up their tents and stolen quietly away. In a cloud of exhaust and exhaustion. When I go home tonight I'm supposed to do a walk around (as if I knew what I was looking for) and then sign off on their work.

I suppose the city inspector has to return to sign the form for the finished roof. And I have to sign the financial papers. Just a question of transferring funds and it's done.

Rain in the forecast, conviently timed to test the roof's seal against moisture. Saves me and my friend from climbing ladders and hosing down the roof, to test for leaks. Mother Nature will do it for me.

The floors are being stained today and, I hope, getting the first coat of polyurethane to seal them. I'm assuming that the cats didn't manage to get out of the room I shut them in, but Misty is an escape artist. If there's a place to wriggle through, she'll find it.

The worst that could happen is that little cat prints would be immortalized on my floors. It happened once when I was a child and my cat walked across the raw sanded floor. When my father applied the finish, the tracks showed up clearly Needless to say, he was not pleased, but he left them for posterity. Rugs can cover a multitude of sins and stains.

Looks like the escrow paper signing will happen tomorrow, not today. N has yet to learn that recommendations (in this case for a notary) and evaluations by fellow patients aren't the most reliable--after all, they are patients in a nursing facility for a reason, one reason quite often being that they are not in full command of their mental faculties. I have yet to work out how to explain that to him without hurting his feelings--it applies to him as well.

I'm just so excited to have a roof over my head, I can hardly wait to end the day and go home!

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