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Money Day, Honey Do Day
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Shortly after sunrise the roofing foreman did a walkaround with me, I approved the work, and paid for it. {gulp}

Went to work where shortly after my arrival the State Office of Compliance called me with a long list of required documents concerning a client complaint. It took most of the morning to round them up and provide a cover letter for explanation of documents (never expect a bureaucrat to read with comprehension, let alone apply a reasonable interpretation, is my motto).

Omigosh, it was 11:30. I flew out of the office, sped down the freeway to N's location where we all gathered, along with the notary, to sign papers. Mucho dinero mas involved.

Returned to office, having spent lunch on the road (but in a worthy cause), with all good intentions of preparing a draft of the proposed reorganization. One of the people who shares the floor was on the speaker phone and I could not concentrate (complex problem solving).

I asked him to take it somewhere else (he was on a cell phone after all) and he argued that it was on low volume. At which point I pulled rank and said, "You will take it to the other room. Now, please."

I'm strongly averse to standing on protocol, but I can do it when required. With a project deadline of 3 p.m., I declared a noise-free, distraction-avoidance zone. This is an office, after all. Everyone else got it the first time around, but this character had to be told twice and had the gall to argue with me.

I don't suffer fools gladly.

Project completed, discussed with boss (who saw the implications of certain proposed alternatives immediately--he's smart and experienced), packed up my old kit bag and headed off for home.

Floor has sealer on it. Stinks but not badly enough to send me to a motel.

Am reading "Demon Soul" for the second time, and enjoying it even more than the first time. Recommended for pleasure reading.

Tired to the bone. You know I'll sleep soundly tonight!

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