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The Other Numbers
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Batty mentioned that the other paragraphs were probably generally applicable, too. And she's right, because we are all tangled webs of influences, predilections and patterns. So any analysis could be interpreted to fit.

I think the idea was to point out the dominant themes for each kind of personality. For instance, 2's are team players and prefer to learn and work in a group setting.

There are times when I go along with the necessity to work in a team, but given my druthers, I'll be independent and prefer to work alone. It's not better, not worse, just the way it is.

8's are thinkers and make things happen in the business world. Definitely not me. If I made something happen in the business world, it would be by accident. For 8's, money is a prominent part of their lives; for me, it is a necessary mode of energy and value transfer, that's all.

And 7's? They are intuitive and can perceive things that others may overlook. Highly analytical and possessed of the kind of curiosity that drives dreamers and scientists. Trust can be challenging. I, OTOH, am very trusting unless spooked (The truth is out there...).

And so forth. Each of us is involved with the qualities that make up a social human being, but in different proportions and with differing preferences.

So, yes, they are generally applicable--but not. And if nothing else, they serve to facilitate introspection.

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