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Is Okay Good Enough?
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I would argue that "okay" is quite often "good enough." Some things do not require perfection; being OCD is defined as a disease for a reason.

When I was little, I could not submit any of my classwork, because when I made a mistake, rather than erase it and write it over, I would ball up the paper, throw it away, and start over. It had to be perfect, you see.

I remember my mother (bless her!) sitting down with me and explaining that for some things, good enough is really quite sufficient. And usually perfection is not achievable, even when you feel that the task calls for it. At some point you have to shut it down, close it up, send it off, and call it a day.

It was good advice, at exactly the right moment in my life. I found, as I grew up, that there were very few things requiring perfection. Even balancing the checkbook to the penny--not necessary, so long as the imbalance is within whatever parameters you've set (early on, for me, it was $5).

There are probably much larger issues in which good enough is just fine. You've had your heart set on your dream career. You land a job, but it's not exactly what you had in mind. Do you quit in a huff and go on public assistance, or do you find a way to be happy anyway?

You've gotten the best you could, given the circumstances. You are successful, a winner. You enjoy what you have.

Then there are people who are permanently discontented. No job meets their standard; nothing is quite good enough; no one measures up to their yardstick. They are unhappy losers, self-defined, perpetually disappointed in life. Their life satisfaction is jerked around by circumstances beyond their control, rather than centered in personal acceptance and satisfaction.

I know somebody like that; bet you do, too.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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