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Timing is Everything
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The solid doors of the house were removed yesterday for refurbishing, leaving only security screen doors between the cats and us and the great outdoors. It was a lovely spring afternoon, albeit a bit cloudy, and Misty and Callie had a great time bird watching.

Then overnight the temperature plummeted Around 2 a.m. I heard the pitter patter of showers followed by the drumming sound that means real rain. The dogs next door barked and howled to be let in out of the weather.

Shortly after it started I could hear my roommate downstairs go outside to cover all the tools and paint and paintbrushes with tarps. I went down, barefoot and shivering, and helped her move the doors in under the patio cover. The neighbors finally took pity on the dogs. All was quiet.

As I said, timing is everything. Our church's annual bake sale and rummage event is today -- I guess we'll have to move all the chairs in the sanctuary to one side and use the pavilion and the sanctuary to set up tables inside. It will sure put a crimp in the ladies' plans for a Sunday brunch after the service.

I don't believe I have ever seen a cold rain in May hereabouts. Overcast, yes, May and June are famous for cool cloudy days. But rain? Temps down to the 40's? I've lived in this part of Los Angeles for (ahem!) years and I think this is a first. Must ask Dan Gent and Christine if they recall rain in mid-May, ever.

I love this weather. Just hauled out my nice comfy warm wool sweater and put it on (after prying it out of the cats' claws). Ahhhhh!

Longjohns, anyone?

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