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What Is It?
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Gardens love it. Cats hate it. What is it?

RAIN. We've had close to 1/4 inch so far today and it's coming down pretty hard at this very moment.

Yes, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen and all you others out there--it's raining in southern California. To my amusement, the school across the street is making a Grand Announcement that we are experiencing inclement weather. No kidding; what was her first clue? (Reminds me of the time when I was teaching; we experienced an earthquake; the PA announcement right afterward said, "We have just had an earthquake." Duh.)

My first clue was being awakened by Max, the outdoor cat, yelling his fool head off. Standing in the rain, in a puddle outside the covered patio where his comfy cat home is, complaining about the weather. We go through this every year. He moans and bitches and whines about the wet; I try to explain to him that it's not my fault and, no, he can't come in, as he is given to spraying everywhere. [gag]

The tomatoes, OTOH, rejoice in the rain. Being watered by the hose is okay and keeps them alive, but rain is the best thing ever. They are positively giddy with delight. The hanging tomato is festooned, top to bottom, with green tomatoes of varying sizes. The planted-in-the-ground tomatoes lift up their leaves in gratitude to the rain, moderate temperatures, and sunny days to come.

How can one not feel love, give thanks? Life is good.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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