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How to Fix Unemployment
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I am willing to bet that, in the near future, the more extreme of our public figures proposes that the proper mission of women is "Kinder, Kuche, Kirche" and that women should "voluntarily" resign from their jobs and careers--or find themselves unemployed after legislation is passed requiring their return to their "proper place", barefoot and pregnant. Or at the very least, dependent and silent.

The compromise that the other side will accept (because they are always willing to compromise, to work with the other side) will be legislation requiring women who are in two-income domestic situations to resign, thus freeing up jobs for men who need them, with some occupations reserved for men only.

They could require females (after puberty) to be married to receive any kind of benefits from the government or corporations; unmarried women would have to look to family or friends to assist them.

Probably the cave-in compromise will be offered even before the legislation hits the floor. Once again, roll over and play dead and congratulate themselves on having avoided threatened draconian measures.

The losers will be women and their families, but who cares? The next logical step will be to deprive them of the vote, and who cares about those who can't vote? Not the extremists, not the compromisers.

I have little hope these days for justice.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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