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Sunday, Cloud Day
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Woke up to clouds and drizzle, cats having a "conversation" (more like a growling yowl), and many sirens from the nearby fire station. I tried pulling the pillow over my head and burrowing under the covers, then gave up, admitted defeat, and got up for the day.

Maybe the sinus headache had something to do with it.

And the carbohydrate hangover. Went out to dinner last night with friends. We decided to try out the new Indian restaurant nearby. The food was pretty good--not nearly as hot as I would have preferred--but heavy on the carbs (rice, naan, lentils).

The description of the place said "South India Food" and I was expecting the Madras-type preparation, which blisters your lips and tongue (not to mention the rest of your digestive system). Instead, while the food was tasty (nice blends of flavors), it was bland. Since our guest of honor was one of our friends who's recovering from major abdominal surgery, perhaps just as well.

I'll go back one of these days and ask if they have any real South India food. It will be interesting to see if they know what I mean. I have a favorite Chinese restaurant where they know me (I go there fairly often) and I get their hot dishes spiced for my preference.

The first couple of times I had to explain what I wanted, and they kept saying that only the food they prepared for themselves was prepared like that and I said that was what I wanted. All the cooks came out of the kitchen to see who was requesting the kitchen dishes. It was delicious and I stop by a couple of times a month and get a couple days' worth.

I have a Chinese friend (from China) who has an arrangement with her nearby restaurant. She works late and she stops by their establishment close to closing time. They provide her (at much lower cost than the menu prices) with whatever they have not served to customers that day (they overestimated). She never knows what it will be, but it's always good.

She says it's a great arrangement--they don't have to throw it out, and she gets ready-made meals.

Restaurants and markets have to throw away food while children (and adults) go to bed hungry. What a world.

something major's going on--now I can hear the sirens from the next fire station to the west of me

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