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Except for that one week of summer temperatures, we've had weather that tomatoes love and my plants are showing the love. They are huge and green and most of them have little marble-sized tomatoes.

I say most, because the two that are planted where that handyman dumped his paint can full of rinse water after cleaning his paint brushes are still not growing as well as the others, though all the plants are from the same batch of seedlings.

I've dug out most of the dirt in that area and replaced it, but still this year the two planted there lag behind the others. I think next year I'll give up on the tomatoes for that one spot and plant flowers there instead.

B has planted herbs in the garden box and they are doing well. She started them from seed and somehow managed to water them without washing them away (always my problem when starting from seed).

The hanging tomato has first tomatoes just showing signs of yellow, but the main stem has cracked from the weight of the fruit. Not sure if it will survive. I'm going to leave it alone and see what happens. Then I'll know better what to do next year (unless the world ends in October, as predicted).

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is as nice as it can be. Grow and flourish!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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