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Trying to Figure it Out
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If there is an exchange of pictures or sexy email or phone sex between two adults, neither of whom complains or says, "No", then why would anyone care what they do/say/text/send?

If a man or woman looks for "fun" outside of marriage, whose business is it anyway, except their own?

Is that kind of behavior a reason to assume that the person's judgment is therefore flawed in all other aspects of his/her life? Is a adulterer ipso facto a bad Congressman, a failed athlete, a poor President?

Powerful people are notorious for sexual excess. So what. I'm more interested in the content of their political or intellectual lives than in the scurrilous details of their personal lives.

Also, it's reasonable, given the prudish, puritanical, hypocritical attitudes of Americans, that the person would lie (or ask someone to keep quiet) about his/her activities: is that sufficient cause to fire (or force to resign) him/her?

(Full disclosure: I didn't divorce my first husband for being a womanizer; I divorced him when his attentions turned to underage girls.)

Read/Post Comments (5)

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