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Weather Prognostication
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Forecasts have been wrong all week and I bet the estimate of a high today of 78 will be off by at least 10-15 degrees again.

The weather station hedges its bets. In the morning the forecast will be a high of 78. Then along about noon or so it will be "adjusted" to 83, and finally at 3 p.m. it will acknowledge that the highest temperature will, in fact, nudge 90 or higher.

It's true that around sunrise we've had brief overcast, typical of this time of year, and I'm wondering if someone in the weather prediction business is baffled by that fact. Tricked into thinking the whole day will be cool.

No, you fool, that huge orb burning its way through the fog is all primed and ready to turn the morning into a sauna and the afternoon into an oven. Typical southern California June weather.

Early in the morning I see people at bus stops or going for a walk, all bundled up because it's gray and overcast, which leads them (I guess) to believe it's cold outside. In reality, it's 64 right now--not cold at all and they look ridiculous in their heavy jackets, knit caps and gloves.

Meanwhile, I'm bustling about in tee shirt, jeans and sandals.

Neighbor next door is out in his back yard, dressed all in white, including hooded sweatshirt, chanting and swaying and smoking a home-made cigar. Stinks.

How's it going in your neck of the woods?

Read/Post Comments (9)

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