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Five Months to Go
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Received the retirement application packet Friday. Only five months to go (but who's counting?)!
I buy most of my books through amazon.com, both the dead tree kind and the Kindle kind. One of the things I really like about Amazon is that I am notified, when I'm about to buy the same book twice, that I have purchased it before and the date that I did so.

In fact, when I absentmindedly clicked "Buy" and tried to buy the same book twice for my Kindle, instead of charging me a second time, the service just re-loaded the book from the archive back onto my Kindle. How nice. Saved from my own absent-mindedness.
The temperatures are headed back up into the 90's. For a few days it was lovely, quite cool in the mornings and moderate in the afternoons. The kind of weather that brought wave after wave of people to come here to live, especially along the coast. (Why anybody would live inland, or on the desert, is beyond my comprehension.)

I went to college in California, mainly to get as far away as possible from New England where I grew up. I actually applied as far away as the University of Hawaii (I had good enough grades to go anywhere I wanted to), but they turned me down because I wouldn't state my race on the application.

I re-submitted my form with the word "Human" written in the box to indicate race, but they turned me down again, stating that they wanted a picture attached to the application. I should have affixed a picture of my cat.

That was a long time ago. I'm sure discriminatory practices are much more subtle now, and directed more against Martians and androids than against humans. Heh.
I'm inspired to make myself useful today. Think I'll water the plants around the house, inside and out, and then clean the bathroom. That should cure me of my irrational desire to do housework.

Looking forward to a good book and a glass of iced tea in the afternoon.

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